Telephone Cable

Telephone Cable

Conductors: Solid annealed copper
Insulation: Dual insulation consisting of an inner layer of foamed polyolefin surrounded by a solid polyolefin skin, color-coded in accordance with telephone industry standards
Twisted Pairs: Insulated conductors are twisted into pairs with varying lay lengths to minimize crosstalk Core Assembly: 
25 pairs and less; pairs are assembled together in a single group 
 More than 25 pairs: pairs are arranged in groups, each group having a color –coded unit binder 
 1200 pairs and larger are mirror image color code. 
Filling Compound: The entire core assembly is completely filled with ETPR compound , filling the interstices between the pairs and under the core tape Core Wrap: Dielectric tape applied longitudinally with an overlap Shield: Corrugated, copolymer-coated, 0.008” Al tape applied longitudinally with an overlap 
Jacket: Black, linear low density polyethylene 


 The steel tape armor provides increased mechanical protection and gopher resistance 


Tinde foam skin insulated filled telephone cables are intended for duct and direct buried installations where protection against water and moisture entry is required and may also be installed aerially.


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