XLPE Insulated Power Cable

XLPE Insulated Power Cable

LV IEC60502-1 VDE 0276-603 ICEA S-95-658 AS/NZS 5000.1
MV IEC60502-2 VDE 0276-620 AS/NZS1429.1 ICEA S93-639 ICEA S94-649
HV IEC 60840 AS/NZS1429.2 VDE 0276-632
Copper or aluminum, round, multiwire stranded and compact
Inner semi-conducting layer
Semi-conducting compound, cross-linked, 
Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE), compound type
Outer semi-conducting layer
Semi-conducting compound, cross-linked, 
Concentricity of conductor
The difference between the maximum and minimum value of 0,5 mm should not be exceeded.
Semi-conducting type
Over the outer semi-conducting layer, a semi-conducting tape must be used.
Screening of copper wires must have a minimum diameter of 0,5 mm and over that a copper tape applied helically with a minimum thickness of 0,1 mm.
Over the screen as well as under outer jacket, a separating layer must be used (e.g. taping).
Outer jacket
PE compound or PVC compound


good electrical, mechanical and thermal characteristics
excellent moisture, chemical and weather resistant
low dielectric factor than PVC insulation and better dielectric constant
constant performance at a long temperature range
long service span
LV: IEC60502-1 ,VDE 0276-603, ICEA S-95-658 ,AS/NZS 5000.1
 MV :IEC60502-2 ,VDE 0276-620 ,AS/NZS1429.1 ,ICEA S93-639 ,ICEA S94-649
HV :IEC 60840 ,AS/NZS1429.2 ,VDE 0276-632


Suitable for installation mostly for power supply stations, in indoors and in cable ducts, outdoors, underground and in water as well as for installation on cable trays for industries, switch-boards and power stations. Due to the good laying characteristic, this can also be laid easilyin difficult line guideways.


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