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10KV Class S11 series oil-immersed transformers

10KV Class S11 series oil-immersed transformers


10KV Class S11 series oil-immersed transformer is a new product developed and developed by our company.This series of products has high technical content and strong competitiveness.Good reliability and short circuit resistance. 

The iron core of this product is made of high quality cold-rolled steel sheet, with no seams, increasing the coefficient of lamination, increasing the effective cross section, greatly reducing the no-load loss and noise, and enhancing the mechanical strength.In coil winding, the copper flat wire with high quality soft state is selected. order to ensure the compactness and roundness of the windings and reduce the temperature rise of the winding, the axial oil channel of the high pressure winding and the main air passage between the high and low pressure are used to support the curtain.The selection principle of leads is:The current density meets the requirement of low loss, not higher than the winding current density.

In the core gripper, the upper and lower clamps are held with 4-6mm bending steel plate.Remove the wood block,The core mat is fixed directly to the clamp.It greatly improves the stability of the body.The body is connected with the lid of the box, changing the structure of the traditional lifting screw, adopting the structure of the hanging plate, flexible and reliable.

Low - loss energy efficient and effective.

Low temperature rise, extend insulation life.

Low noise, reduce the environmental pollution, and the operating noise is greatly reduced by no more than 50db.

High reliability,It improves the capability of product anti - burst.

Free suspended core,Free maintenance,Prevent and slow the aging of oil and insulation moisture.enhance operation reliability, the normal operation of the free maintenance.

No leakage,Optimizing accessories,Select all sealed special gas relay, pressure relief valve, etc.Shell electrostatic spraying,corrosion resistance,Long service life.


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