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10KV Class S9series oil-immersed transformers

10KV Class S9series oil-immersed transformers


S9-M series fully sealed transformer is the basis for summarizing the design experience of S7 and S9 series transformer products. increase product function, improve product level, improve product reliability as the first,Adopted the new components, new material, new structure and perfect the local structure, improve the product of electric strength, mechanical strength and thermal capacity, using corrugated mailbox, fully sealed structure, guarantee completely isolated transformer oil and air, prolong the service life of transformer oil, reducing the workload of transformer maintenance.

Transformer oil tank:Using corrugated tank, full sealing structure, corrugated board has two functions: heat dissipation and expansion.With the change of temperature, and the size of the load, the transformer oil temperature in the tank automatically expands and shrinks.Corrugated plate wall expansion capacity is greater than 10,000 times, ensure transformer oil and air completely isolated, in the transformer life period without maintenance.

Security and protection:All sealed transformer is equipped with pressure relief valve, which expands the application range of pressure relief valve and increases the effective safety protection.

Tapping switch: A new double seal vertical switch is adopted to improve the sealing performance of the switch.

stuff for fixation:Adopt the new anti-lock nut to ensure that the transformer is tight and tight during transportation.

Body connection with box cover:Adopt the structure of the sling to ensure that the body can "land" and not cover the box.

Before installation, unscrew the top nut of the air plug and check the oil level.If the oil level is below 50mm above the top.The transformer oil with the same oil number must be added to the top 30mm.This series transformer after normal transportation, do not need to do the core inspection, can install the relevant parts.Carry out acceptance project test, after qualified, can be put into operation.

Highest temperature: + 40 ℃.

lowest environment temperature: 25 ℃.

Altitude: < 1000m.

The highest monthly average relative humidity: 90% (20 ℃).

Installation site:there is no fire \Explosion danger\Serious polluted\Chemical etching\strong vibration, indoor or outdoor.


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