10KV Class SZ9(11)  on-load voltage regulation oil-immersed transformers

10KV Class SZ9(11) on-load voltage regulation oil-immersed transformers


SZ9(11) series with load regulating power transformer can adjust the voltage automatically (or manually) under load running condition.It is especially suitable for places where the voltage requirement is more stable and the power grid voltage changes more frequently.

superior performance,Its indexes reached the international advanced level in the late 1990s.remarkable energy-saving effect,Compared with GB 6451-1999, the no-load loss decreased by 30%, and the load loss decreased by 22.4% on average.The range of product regulation is large (plus or minus 4 x 2.5%),Automatic (or manual) voltage regulation can be applied.The coil temperature rise is low, the overload ability is strong, the body adopts the firm structure, the short circuit ability is strong.Corrugated oil tank corrugated sheet is made of imported steel plate and imported equipment, beautiful, practical and durable.The oil tank and the jacket are treated with pickling and phosphating. After oil removal and rust removal, the paint is not removed.


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