ACSR - Tinde Cable


ACSR conductors are formed by several wires of Aluminum and galvanized steel, stranded in concentric layers. The core wires are made of galvanized steel and the external layers are of aluminum. Galvanized steel core consist normally of 1, 7 or 19 wires. The diameters of aluminum wires can be the same or different. By varying the relative proportions of aluminum and steel, the required characteristics for any particular application can be reached. 

ACSR conductors are recognized for their record of economy, dependability and favorable strength/weight ratio. ACSR conductors combine the light weight and good conductivity of aluminum with the high tensile strength and ruggedness of steel. In line design, this can provide higher tensions, less sag and longer span lengths than obtainable with most other types of overhead conductors. The steel strands are added as mechanical reinforcement. The cross-sections above illustrate some common strandings.

1.high Tensile strength

2.better sag properties

3.economic design suited for transmission lines with long spans

In comparison with copper conductors, A.C.S.R. Conductors have considerable technical and economical advantages in overhead lines. Its low weight combined with its high tensile strength allows larger spans runs.

Electrical losses by corona effect are greatly reduced, due to the larger diameter size of this design. Economical transmission and distribution of electrical energy can be achieved by ACSR, at very high voltages and distances.




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BS 215

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DIN 48204

Al./St mm²: 16/2.5 25/4 35/6 44/32 50/8 50/30 70/12 95/15 95/55 105/75 120/20 120/70 125/30 150/25 170/40 185/30 210/35 210/50 230/30 240/40 265/35 300/50 305/40 340/30 380/50 385/35 435/55 450/40 490/65 495/35 510/45 550/70 560/50 570/40 650/45 680/85 1045/45

IEC 61089

mm²: 16 25 40 63 100 125 160 200 250 315 400 450 500 560 630 710 800 900 1000 1120 1250 1400


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