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ACSR/AW Bare Overhead Conductor

ACSR/AW Bare Overhead Conductor

Aluminium Conductors, Aluminium Clad Steel Reinforced (ACSR/AS or ACSR/AW) are concentrically stranded conductors with one or more layers of hard drawn 1350-H19 aluminium wires on Aluminium Clad steel wire core. The core can be single wire or stranded depending on the size. The aluminum-clad steel core may consist of a single strand or a concentric stranded conductor of 7, 19, 37 or more wires.

The AW core, which consists of a thick layer of aluminum (approx. 10 percent of the nominal wire radius) over steel, gives ACSR/AW conductors the advantage of the light weight and good conductivity of aluminum with the high tensile strength and ruggedness of steel. 

It has the following main features:

1.good mechanical properties

2.improved electrical characteristics

3.excellent corrosion resistance

4.better Sag properties

Applicable Standards: ASTM, AS, BS, CSA, DIN, IEC, NFC, SS –etc


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