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Armoured Power Cable

Armoured Power Cable


Plain, annealed electrolytic copper or Aluminum conductors, solid, circular stranded, or sectorial stranded, conforming to the applicable requirements of IEC



PVC based thermoplastic or XLPE thermosetting material, conforming to the

applicable requirements of IEC 60502-1.


Insulated conductors are laid up, filled where necessary with non-hygroscopic material and covered with an extruded thickness of thermoplastic material.


Galvanized round wires, or flat strips, completely covering the assembly of cores

and a counter helix of galvanized steel tape on top; or two layers of steel tape,

complying to the applicable requirements of IEC 60502-1.


PVC or PE based thermoplastic material, conforming to the applicable requirements of IEC 60502-1.


High dielectric strength

Excellent resistance to deformations under high temperature and pressure

High resistance to ageing, abrasion, moisture, chemicals, acids and oils

Standard: IEC60502-1, BS5467, BS6346 ,VDE 0276-603, IEC60502-2 ,BS 6622



This specification covers PVC or XLPE insulated, circular, twin, three or four conductors armoured cables, rated at 0.6/1 KV to international Electrotechnical commission Publication IEC 60502-1 for use indoors, outdoors, in cable ducts, in water and for direct burial underground, where severe mechanical stresses are present. 


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