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Power Cable Market exhibiting a CAGR of 7.2% during the period of assessment 2018-2026

The underground HVDC power cables are being considered as a viable alternative to transmit high-voltage power over long distances. ...


UL announces capability for performing tests on cables used in repeated flexing applications

UL’s Suzhou laboratory can evaluate cables for use in repeated flexing applications. The facility can perform bending (tick-tock), chain-track (C-track), torsion and flexing testin...


Types of cable testing

Fire testing demonstrates what happens when a cable sets alight and confirms whether it is capable of functioning during a fire. ...


Technical Specification for 22kV XLPE Power Cable

This Section of the Specification covers design, manufacturing, testing, packing, supply & delivery of 22 KV XLPE Dry/Gas cured insulated power cable for effectively earthed sp...


Global High Voltage Power Cables Industry Report

High Voltage Power Cables is a cable used for electric power transmission at high voltage. High-voltage cables of differing types have a variety of applications in instruments...


Matters needing attention in hidden laying indoor cloth wire

Right now home decoration, indoor electrical wiring more take the hidden laying method of construction. Concealed wiring is beautiful, but it is not easy to repair, prone to hidden...


rubber insulated copper wire armoured flexible cable

These cables are designed for the connection of mobile equipment and machines under very high mechanical loads in dry and damp areas...


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