TINDE power held 2017 sales summary meeting


December 18, TINDE power sales summary meeting held in the company conference room.


New Year's Day is coming, the new year is getting closer and closer to us. The general manager of the company encourages everybody to put forward their own ideas and exert their wisdom in terms of product development, product quality, business management and marketing strategy. During the meeting, the sales department, e-commerce department and head of the technical department made speeches, boldly conceived and summarized the achievements and shortcomings achieved in 2017, and presented their own plans for 2018.


Finally, MR. Gu, chairman of the company, made a concluding speech at the meeting. He demanded that the R & D management team work hard to tackle the 2018 challenge and work steadily to ensure that every subtle task is met and the grassroots work done by enterprises The company's flagship product into a foreign boutique; innovation is the soul of the nation, innovation continue to catch the waves, seeking opportunities in the challenge. Go all out to run towards a better future, work together for the cause of the TINDE power and work hard.


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