USA - Monet, Brazil's submarine cable system, is coming soon


Brazil's Algar Telecom, Angola Cable, Uruguay Antel Telecom, Google and Tyco Electronics TE SubCom recently released a joint announcement that Monet, a submarine cable system linking Florida, USA and Brazil, has entered the ready-to-go phase and is expected to be commercially available soon.

Monet, which is jointly owned and developed by Brazil's Algar Telecom, Angola Cable, Uruguayan Antel Telecom and Google, is being constructed by TE SubCom, a Tyco Electronics subsidiary, with a minimum bandwidth capacity of 64Tbps, Boca Raton, Florida and Fortaleza, Brazil Grand Praia landed in Brazil, a total length of about 10556 km.

It is reported that Monet constructed using TE SubCom's open cable concept provides a reliable path choice and flexibility for the consortium while leveraging the latest wet power station technology. Monet provides a robust and stable backbone of the Internet to meet the current connectivity needs in Latin America and pave the way for increased capacity needs in the future.


"The successful implementation of Monet is the result of excellent teamwork to mitigate project risks and we are proud to provide this outstanding customer base with a flexible and highly reliable system," said Debra Brask, TE SubCom vice president of project management.


"We are proud to be able to complete this project in the most efficient manner with TE SubCom," said Antonio Nunes, Chairman of Monet's Executive Committee. "The open cable solution allows each Monet developer to meet their respective network goals while still benefiting from the joint establishment Partner mode advantages to meet our future technology and cost needs. "


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