Matters needing attention in hidden laying indoor cloth wire


Right now home decoration, indoor electrical wiring more take the hidden laying method of construction. Concealed wiring is beautiful, but it is not easy to repair, prone to hidden trouble. Therefore, in the construction particular attention to the following points:

(1) before the construction fully consider the functional areas required electrical and lighting equipment, and as a basis rough calculation of the wire corresponding to each wire to match the wire section. In the case of economic conditions permit, we should try to use high-quality copper core sheath and dark box.


(2) draw the distribution map of each layer of the circuit circuit, and a variety of lamps, switches, sockets and distribution set of coordinates and height, to determine the direction of the line and branch intersection. The general construction began to wiring terminal box terminal direction of a head from the end of the line. It is better to use different colors to identify different circuits.

(3) it is best to wear the power supply outside the flame retardant pipe and then laying. In the ceiling shed of combustible construction, be sure to wear flame retardant pipe, and can not be installed capacitor, electrical switches and other flammable, explosive electric equipment, at the same time in the studio should be set switching power supply, if necessary for cut off the power supply. So the connection of the indoor wire should be carried out in the junction box.

(4) the total capacity of each indoor line shunt should not exceed 3000W, the load current of each single-phase circuit is generally not more than 15A. Air conditioning and other household TV households should be set line. Bathroom shower equipment and power switches to maintain a certain distance and take measures to damp. Each single phase circuit should be controlled and protected by the automatic air switch.

(5) switch installation height is generally from the ground 1200 -1350mm, the socket height is generally 200 - 300mm, distribution plate height to 1800 - 2000mm is appropriate.

(6) after the wiring is completed, should be based on the design requirements for verification, testing, inspection and other processes can be carried out after the construction. At the same time, the construction personnel should be clear to the other process constructors confessed, to prevent damage to lines been constructed in drilling, borehole, nail.


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