Technical Specification for 22kV XLPE Power Cable



This Section of the Specification covers design, manufacturing, testing, packing, supply & delivery of 22 KV XLPE Dry/Gas cured insulated power cable for effectively earthed specification system.


Unless otherwise specified, the cable shall conform in all respect to IS: 7098 (Part-II)-1985 with latest amendment thereof.


The climatic conditions under which the cables shall operate satisfactorily are as follows:

3.1 Maximum ambient temperature of air 50º C

3.2 Minimum ambient temperature of air in shade 4º C

3.3 Maximum daily average ambient temperature 40º C

3.4 Maximum yearly average ambient temperature 30º C

3.5 Maximum relative humidity 95 %

3.6 Average number of thunder storm days per annum 15

3.7 Average annual rainfall 150 cm

3.8 Maximum wind pressure 150 kg/cm2

3.9 Altitudes not exceeding above MSL 1000 mtrs

3.10 Maximum soil temperature at cable depth 30º C

3.11 Maximum soil thermal resistivity 150ºC -cm/watt



22 KV (E) Grade XLPE, 3-Core, power cable shall be of high conductivity, stranded compacted, HD aluminum circular shaped conductor with XLPE (cross linked Polyethylene) Dry/Gas cured insulation provided with shielding of extruded semi-conducting materials over conductor and XLPE insulation. Each insulated core shall have copper tape screen, laid together and provided with common covering of PVC Inner Sheath (Extruded). Overall galvanized steel strip armour and PVC outer sheath shall be provided. The specification for manufacture of cable shall be conforming to IS: 7098 (Part-II) 1985 (latest edition) for 22KV (E), 3-phase, 50 Hz.

Earthed systems.  DGVCL/SP/8020/22KV XLPE Cable /Tech .Spec. & GTP 2 /13 Outer sheath shall be designed to afford high degree of mechanical protection and shall also be heat, oil, chemical and weather resistant, Common acid, alkalis and sealing solution shall not have adverse effect on material of PVC sheath. Cable shall be suitable for laying in covered trenches and / or buried under-ground in outdoor.


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