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SG(H)B10series dry-type Power Transformer

SG(H)B10series dry-type Power Transformer


 Unique porcelain insulator structure, adopting MORA companies tube and high-frequency ceramic insulating cylinder pad, never deformed. 

 High and low voltage coil using DuPont NONEX insulating material, and by VPI vacuum pressure H class insulation paint equipment repeatedly dipping a specially formulated, after several baking curing, high-strength topical insulation material sealed and high temperature curing. High voltage coil using high mechanical strength, good heat dissipation continuous structure.

 High permeability core material made of high quality performance silicon stacked into a 45-degree slant structure, between the winding and core elastic fixtures, the transformer has a lower load loss and noise. Core special surface treatment process, the core from the pull clamping screw moderately, the upper and lower clamps connected by a drawing board and fixed integrally with the base, winding through the elastic pad fixed, reduce the extent of the shock-absorbing structure winding and reduce noise.

 Lead terminal in the winding top, tap in the middle of the winding, low voltage lead terminal for the plate conductive row, and use Yahoo welding.

 Good radiating ability, long heat service life, great overload ability, no forced air cooling under 120% load and IP45, long full-load operation

 High safe and fireproof performance. No smoke produced under 800℃

 Strong thermal shock resistance

► 100% waterproof and good humidity resistant ability

 Unique winding structure

 Low consumption

 Environmentally friendly. The insulation material and copper wire can be recycled respectively.

It can be used in the environment with high fireproof requirement, large load fluctuation and high humidity. For example, airport, power plant, metallurgy, hospital, high-rise building, shopping mall, densely populated area, petrochemical industry, nuclear power plant, nuke, etc.


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