How is the high-voltage bare conductor on the top of the mountain?

The type of overhead power lines is divided by the level of voltage. Voltage in 1000V and below called low-voltage power lines, commonly used 220V


in practice. 220V low-voltage lines are also composed of two overhead wires;


Most of the 10kV high-voltage distribution lines in the city use insulated wire, but even if there is an insulating skin, it is necessary to use one or several porcelain vases to insulate the poles or towers.


35kV and above high-voltage transmission lines are used bare wires, due to the different voltage levels using more porcelain insulation.


Line step:


1) hang the wire at the hanging point of the base tower.


2) is the use of power umbrella by the base tower put a Φ3.5mm Dini Ma rope, or helicopter airship put a thicker guide rope.


3) High-altitude personnel boarded the tower will be put into the rope at the point of the pulley.


4) Place the traction machine at both ends of the release section, while the tension machine is placed. From the Φ3.5mm Dini Ma rope (Dyneema rope is a very light quality at the same time pulling a considerable rope), according to the number and weight of the wire successive towing Φ8, Φ16 Dyneema rope, and then Φ16 Dini Ma rope traction Φ13, Φ20, Φ26 and so on the specifications of the wire rope (because the Dini Ma rope easily damaged caused by reduced strength, so the traction wire need to use more reliable wire rope, although the wire rope quality is greater), then use the specifications The appropriate wire rope is used to pull the wire through the pulley of each pole tower to complete the payout line.


Summary: In addition, there is little way to use artificial line. The function of the tractor used in the actuation line, as the name implies, acts as a traction wire, and the function of the tensioning machine is to provide tension at the other end so that the wires between the towers are not in contact with the ground or other important crosses.


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