How to install tighteners correctly in overhead lines

The tightening device is used as a tensioning wire in overhead lines. Tensioner is mainly used for electric power, telecommunications sector and traction wire and other cable, all kinds of enterprises and institutions traction, moving equipment and other heavy objects, agriculture, construction industry tight line, build items, such as car transport fixed large equipment goods.


The multi-function tightening device can be used to tighten or adjust the guide wire. Strong grip, no slip line, light weight, the use of flexible. Tightening device width of 25 mm to 75 mm, and the goods have a larger contact surface, which can effectively protect the goods. Tight line is stained sizing, so wear rope than wear, life than the rope Can quickly load and unload goods, save time and improve efficiency.


1、Tighten the use of the first tighten the wire rope or galvanized iron wire release, and fixed on the cross.


2、Hold the wire with a clamp, then pull the special wrench. Due to the anti-reverse role of the pawl, and gradually wire or galvanized iron wire wrapped around the ratchet roller, the wire tightened. Secure the tightened wire to the insulator.


3、And then release the pawl, so that the wire rope or galvanized iron wire release, and then release the clamp clamp.


4、Finally, the wire rope or galvanized iron wire around the ratchet roller.


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