Optical fiber cable installation process considerations

A big difference between a fiber optic cable and a cable is the recyclability. Since the fiber is a fragile fiberglass, the internal space has stricrequirements on the accuracy. Once damaged, it is hard to repair and can only be scrapped. So it is necessary to talk about the importance of optical fiber transport installation and its method.1, handling cable should be used forklift and other lifting equipment or a special step, it is strictly prohibited optical cable tray directly from the car rolled down or thrown. 2, it is forbidden to install the optical fiber cable tray flat or stacked, in the compartment of the optical cable tray are required to be fortified wood. 3, the cable should not be inverted several times, in order to avoid the integrity of the internal structure of the cable, cable laying should be carried out before the appearance of inspection, check the specifications of models, the number of test length and attenuation of single-disc inspection and acceptance, Have a product inspection certificate (should be properly kept for future inquiries), Beware of damage to the optical fiber cable protection board. 4, in the construction process should pay attention to the bending radius of optical cable shall not be less than the construction requirements, optical cable does not allow excessive bending. 5, overhead aerial cable should be pulled through pulleys, overhead optical cables to avoid friction with buildings, trees and other facilities, to avoid dragging or rubbing with other sharp hard objects damage the optical cable skin, if necessary, protective measures should be installed. It is forbidden to pull the fiber cable out of the pulley forcibly to prevent the cable from squashing. 6, in the design of optical cable lines should try to avoid easy buildings to find, if unavoidable, cable should take fire protection measures. 7, compared to the length of the optical cable laying construction, for the inverted disk, optical cable must follow the escape "8" dial. Make it completely twisted cable state. 8, the choice of cable connector box must meet the requirements of YD / T814-1996 qualified connector box, to ensure that the optical fiber in the connector box curvature radius of not less than 37.5MM, optical fiber connector box remaining length of not less than 1.6M, cable Reinforcing pieces firmly fixed on the splice box, the cable and the splice box will not twisting, the splice box sealing performance is excellent, to prevent moisture from entering. 9. When the cable is connected, the joint attenuation shall be based on the average value of the two-way OTDR test. 10 The laying of the optical cable is completed. If the optical cable can not be processed in time, both ends of the optical cable should be sealed to prevent the water vapor from damaging the optical fiber. It is advisable to cut off a certain length before connecting (due to the mechanical damage of the end of the fiber optic cable during construction) . 12 After the optical fiber cable is completed, it is advisable to reserve proper fiber cables at both ends of the optical fiber cable splice closure, The rest of the cable rack. 13 optical cable with optical cable tray should be the direction of the disk side of the plate to scroll, rolling, the distance should not be too long, generally not more than 20 meters, rolling should be taken to prevent obstacles damage to the packaging board.


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