Building wire specifications and requirements

Building wire selection points:1, Length: This is one of the most frequently used tricks in cutting corners. Some people may say that the number of meters I bought on the wire is 100 meters. If you look at 100 meters, you should note that he has the rice standard but in the middle Some, some profiteers are less than 10 meters. For example, 30 meters after the start of the standard 40 meters.2, wire diameter: This is one of the most common way to cut corners on the market. For example, 2.5 square BV line, commonly known as copper single, is a wire of copper wire, why call it 2.5 square? Because of this wire copper wire cross-sectional area is 2.5 square millimeters. That 2.5 square BV line, the diameter of its copper wire is 1.78mm. 3, the quality of copper: the real red copper, red color, yellow brass is. Another very soft copper, brass hair hard. As long as do not buy copper clad aluminum (aluminum, but a layer of copper plated on the outside, generally used in soft wire), brass is not too much fraud now. 4, PVC material: This is too professional, not much to say, to be sure, no one is doing a very standard copper, and went to cut corners above PVC. Because a ton of PVC is good, but also 8000 yuan. A ton of copper to 59,000 yuan. So many can cut corners in the copper above. 5, CCC certification mark: CCC certification mark must be on the wire, wire and cable products are national compulsory safety certification products, all manufacturing enterprises must obtain the certification of China Electrotechnical Commission "CCC" certification, access to "CCC" certification mark, Certificate or product on athe "CCC" certification mark. Electrical safety of the wire relationship, the quality of the wire will affect our lives and property safety, so be sure to select the CCC certification mark wire products. 6, product certification: wire product certification will be "CCC" certification mark, trademark, model specifications, rated voltage, length, inspection, manufacturing date, the implementation of standards, factory name, address, telephone and other logos are clearly printed Chu, and consistent with the product, these will be the regular manufacturers of products, we choose to look at the time of purchase. Building wire specifications and requirements: Household power cords should adopt BVV2 × 2.5 and BVV2 × 1.5 models of wires. BVV is the national standard code for the copper sheathing line BVV2 × 2.5 and BVV2 × 1.5, representing 2.5 mm2 core and 2 cores 1.5 mm2. Under normal circumstances, BVV2 × 2.5 to do the main line, trunk, BVV2 × 1.5 to do a single electrical branch, switch line. One-way air conditioning dedicated line with BVV2 × 4, the other with a dedicated ground. BVV2 × 2.5 The length of each roll is 100 ± 5 meters, the market price of 280 yuan. Informal products range in length from 60-80 meters. Some manufacturers make thick insulation sheath, so that experts also difficult to see the problem. You can count the number of turns of the wire, and then multiplied by the radius of the entire roll, you can roughly calculate the length. The price of such products between 100-130 yuan. Second, you can ask the business cut a break, look at the copper core material. BVV2 × 2.5 copper core diameter of 1.784 mm, you can use the micrometer volume.


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