Submarine Power Cable

Submarine Power Cable

Conductor: copper, circular stranded compacted, longitudinal water-tight

Conductor screening: extruded semi-conductive compound

Insulation: XLPE

Insulation screening: extruded semi-conductive compound

Screen: copper tapes

Separator: plastic foil

Sheath: PE

Fillers: polypropylene strings

Bedding: polypropylene strings of polyester tape

Armor: galvanized round steel Wires

Serving: bituminous compound, hessian tapes, polypropylene strings with colored stripe


►  Use XLPE and EPR for insulation, they are maintenance free.
►  Cables are supplied without a lead sheath, it make the cable light-weighted.
►  Simple structure permitting longer delivery length, easy for transportation and laying, small bending radius.
►  Operation temperature: 90°C, short circuit temperature: 250°C.
►  Standard: VDE, IEC and ICEA


Submarine cables and cables for Offshore Windparks and platform must be resistant to corrosion and abrasion caused by sea currents, waves as well as human and vegatation attack. At the same time they must be capable of offering a maximum of efficiency over long distances. 

JIAPU supplies different types of submarine power cables depending on the specific requirements and site conditions and can include control and fibre optic elements / cables. 


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